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How to Make Balinese Handmade Sterling Silver Snake Chains.

by A MITRUKA on Jan 26, 2022

How to Make Balinese Handmade Sterling Silver Snake Chains. - Inspiring Jewellery


How the Handmade Silver Bali Snake Chain or Tulang Naga Chains are made.

Balinese silver Snake chain also locally called Tulang Naga (Tulang = Bone, Naga = Snake) is handmade by centuries-old techniques of Indonesian silversmiths.

This Sterling Silver snake chain frequently features in collections of some of the top designers’ brands and is extremely popular for its unique look.

I will explain briefly, the process of how to make a snake chain ?.

Firstly, the sterling silver bar is rolled continuously in a roller to create thick silver wires.

Then the silversmith uses a thick iron board with various sized and shaped holes on it to create wires of desired thickness.

Depending on the thickness required, the Sterling Silver is pulled through the hole with pliers, say 0.5mm, and as it is drawn through any excess silver is cut away, to create a round and smooth length.

Once the wire is ready, the wire is wrapped around an iron rod to create a spiral.

This spiral is then cut from one side to create small rings.

Then each ring is hand soldered to close the open endings.


Then the rings are flattened, and they are ready to be weaved one link at a time.


Finally, each link is interlocked and woven using a hand tool to create a unique and beautiful handmade silver snake chain.


Once the silversmith has all the long lengths of silver snake chain ready, they are finished whilst maintaining a fluid and smooth finish. After this, the piece is then blackened or oxidized. This process is a fundamental Bali technique that enhances the weave pattern and gives it a famous eye-catching finish to the snake chain.

Finally, a polish is required so only the oxidized areas remain in between the links. The silver snake chain is then cut to the exact length to create bracelets or necklaces, finished with handmade end caps, and the appropriate hook or toggle fastener.

Here's the finished necklace.

Handmade Snake Chain


Some highlights of Sterling Silver Bali Tulang Naga or Snake Chains

  1. Only a handful of selective Javanese Silver Smiths can make these silver snake chains. Using techniques that are several centuries old.

  2. These solid silver snake chains have substantial silver weight & can be worn as a necklace, without any pendant.

  3. All the silver wires for these snake chains are hand-drawn without the use of any modern machinery.

  4. All the links of these chains are hand soldered using fire.

  5. Similar silver snake chains are sold by designer brands at several times the price.

  6. These silver Snake Chains cannot be mass-produced as these are entirely handmade.

  7. These solid snake chains are very suitable for large pendants.

  8. These silver chains are Unisex and suitable for both men & women.