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How to Make a Sterling Silver Byzantine Chain or Borobudur Chains.

by A MITRUKA on Jan 26, 2022

How to Make a Sterling Silver Byzantine Chain or Borobudur Chains. - Inspiring Jewellery


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How the Handmade Bali Byzantine Chain or Borobudur Chains are made.

 The Borobudur or Byzantine silver chain with link design is based on an architectural motif of the magnificent Buddhist temple in Java, Indonesia, which was built in the 9th century as a schematized representation of the cosmos. This sterling silver chain necklace is crafted by hand with amazing craftsmanship.



The process pictures for making the Borobudur or Byzantine Chain.

The Borobudur or the byzantine silver chain is made by centuries-old techniques of Indonesian silversmiths. 

Many different countries try to copy or make their version, but nothing compares to the true Balinese Borobudur. It is more commonly known as Byzantine in the West.

So, to start with the Silver Smith takes the silver bar and rolls it into a roller to make it thin like a wire, and passes it through a die multiple times, to create the desired thickness of the wire.


 The silver wire is converted into a coil of silver by rolling it over an iron rod. These are then cut off to make the silver rings you need for the links.


The silver rings are carefully linked together to form the geometric pattern of the Borobudur or Byzantine chain...


After this, we end up with the basic configuration in its raw state...


The next stage involves heating the silver chain, soldering each joint manually, and making it very strong.

Now the links are closer together, they are further given proper shape carefully with a wooden hammer...

The next stage involves blackening (Oxidizing) between the links, adding the lock, followed by a deep polish using an electric polishing machine. Here's the finished product...High-end Byzantine at its best. The same technique is applied to all Borobudur or Byzantine sizes up to 10mm.


Some highlights of Bali Byzantine or Borobudur Chains

  1. Only a handful of selective Javanese Silver Smiths can make these byzantine chains. Using techniques that are several centuries old.

  2. These are solid silver chains with substantial silver weight & can be worn as necklaces, without any pendant.

  3. All the wires for these silver chains are hand-drawn without the use of any modern machinery.

  4. All the links of these chains are hand soldered using fire.

  5. Balinese Byzantine chains cannot be mass-produced as these are entirely handmade.

  6. These solid silver chains are very suitable for large pendants.

  7. Byzantine Chains are Unisex and suitable for both men & women.