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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - The December Birthstone

by A MITRUKA on May 06, 2023

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - The December Birthstone - Inspiring Jewellery




Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is mined near Globe, Arizona, in the Sleeping Beauty Mine. Since the 1970s, it has been a significant source of Turquoise. Jewelry makers and artisans prefer Sleeping Beauty Turquoise because it has a consistent color and no matrix.

Considered one of the essential American Mine turquoise in the world, the Sleeping Beauty turquoise is located in Globe, AZ, and named after the mountain range where it is located. From a distance, it is said to resemble a sleeping woman with her arms crossed, hence the name.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is a beautiful blue stone found in a mine near Globe, Arizona. It is known for its pure blue color and has no black or brown spots on its surface. People make small and delicate jewelry using this stone because it is challenging and comes in a consistent color. The Sleeping Beauty mine is one of the largest turquoise mines in North America and is still open for mining.



Sleeping Beauty turquoise is a pretty blue gemstone that can bring peace and calmness. It can help you feel emotionally balanced, think creatively, and communicate better. It's also used in feng shui to improve energy flow.

Turquoise Physical Properties

Massive, nodular, Luster Sub-Vitreous, Resinous, Waxy, Dull, Earthy, Diaphaneity Transparent, Translucent, Opaque 

The Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine got its name because the mountain range it's on looks like a sleeping woman with her arms crossed. Unfortunately, the mine stopped operating in 2012 due to higher government regulations and mining expenses.



Metaphysical and Healing Properties 

Some Americans see the blue color of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise as representing the open sky of the Southwest. In contrast, others believe it has special powers. People wear it, keep it nearby, or place it on their bodies to experience its effects.

The blue color of the stone has a calming effect on the soul, reminding people of peaceful flowing water. 

Sleeping beauty turquoise helps to calm your emotions, prevent mood swings, promote creative thinking, and enhance communication skills.

It allows you to communicate better with yourself and others, removing any mental barriers you might have built up.

Physically, it boosts the immune system, helps with inflammation, detoxifies the body, and relieves menstrual cramps. And because it is aligned with the throat chakra, it is also thought to heal any illnesses of the throat. 

Spiritually, it protects you from evil and aligns the physical body with the spiritual one. So if you're exhausted, it will bring energy back into your life. 


  • Sleeping Beauty turquoise helps to create a sense of peace inside and is often used in feng shui. It also helps with emotional calm, creativity, communication, and mood swings.
  • Turquoise can help remove negative thoughts and cleanse the body. It is also suitable for meditation as it promotes calmness and protection.
  • Turquoise is a calming stone that can help you feel peaceful and happy. It can also remove negative feelings and toxins from the body. Turquoise is an excellent choice for meditation because it promotes tranquility and protection.
  • The turquoise gemstone helps you communicate better by aligning your throat chakra. It can also heal you and help you forgive and love more openly while letting go of self-sabotaging behavior.



Turquoise is a December birthstone. It is famous for December birthstone jewelry because of its consistent color and solid appearance.



Sleeping Beauty jewelry typically features turquoise gemstones sourced from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona, USA. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is prized for its bright, robin's egg blue color, which is often free of matrix or veins.

Sleeping Beauty turquoise rings are popular because of the gemstone's striking blue color. Sleeping Beauty turquoise earrings can be simple studs or more elaborate designs, such as drop earrings.



Considering its rarity, beautiful color, and its universal appeal, it can be a perfect jewelry gift for her, a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, Valentine’s gift, or a gift for mom or friend.

Gift for December born and for the 25th-anniversary gift.



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You can wear turquoise jewelry daily if you take care of it. Turquoise is treated to enhance its beauty but can still get damaged if exposed to heat.

You can clean your turquoise jewelry with warm, soapy water, but you should not use steam or ultrasonic cleaners. Some turquoise is treated to make it look better, and using heat or solvents can damage the treated parts.

The turquoise stone is also very vulnerable to scratches. Furthermore, keeping it in water too often and too long will cause it to fade. It is recommended to drain its energy once a month by placing it in a bowl of Hematite stones and recharging it overnight among crystals and away from sunlight.


Fake Turquoise is made from softer stones than genuine Turquoise. Lightly use your nail for scratching a less visible part of the stone, like the backside, and if it scratches easily, it's howlite. If you can't cross the stone, it's likely genuine Turquoise!

The preferred color of Sleeping Beauty, Turquoise, is a medium sky blue hue. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise comes from the Sleeping Beauty Mine near Globe, Arizona.