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Peridot - The August Birthstone

by A MITRUKA on May 06, 2023

Peridot - The August Birthstone - Inspiring Jewellery



Peridot used to come from an island called Zebargad in the Red Sea, which was kept a secret by the Ancient Egyptians, who highly valued this gemstone.

Today, it is found around the globe, with gemstone deposits found in China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam, and the United States. Peridot Beach, in Hawaii, is known for the shimmering green glow on white sand caused by ancient lava flows which deposited the gemstone sand after volcanic eruptions.

The best big peridots are found in Myanmar and Pakistan's Himalayas. In contrast, more common sizes and qualities are located in the United States (Arizona) and China.

It comes from a remote island in the Red Sea near Egypt called Topazios in Greek, where miners used singing hammers to find the precious gemstone. It was highly valued and used to decorate the deathbeds of Egyptian rulers.


It is a gemstone that is usually yellowish-green in color. It is a type of olivine mineral that contains iron and magnesium. This iron is what gives it its attractive color. It is commonly found in volcanic rocks called basalts with high levels of these two elements.

It was called the "gem of the sun" by the ancient Egyptians, who believed it could protect them from evil. People today believe it has healing properties and can improve relationships by balancing emotions and inspiring creativity.

 It comes in various shades of green, from yellow-green to dark green. It represents purpose and focuses.

Physical Characteristics:

  • It comes in different colors, from light emerald green to pale yellowish green. It can also be colorless.
  • The gemstone has a vitreous, or glassy, luster.
  • These crystals are usually transparent to translucent, meaning you can see through them to some degree.
  • Peridot crystal is orthorhombic, with the symbol 2/m 2/m 2/m.
  • Peridot crystals have flat, tabular, or box-like shapes, but good-quality crystals are rare.


  • Peridot gemstones can increase strength and vitality, reduce anxiety, and help the wearer make wise decisions in life.
  • The gemstone is also known as Olivine and can keep negative energies away.
  • It has detoxifying properties and can stimulate the liver. It can also improve gallbladder and liver function and help with skin issues like warts.
  • Wearing a bright and light green-colored Peridot gem on Wednesday after sunset is recommended for maximum benefits. In addition, chanting the auspicious Budh Mantra can also be beneficial.
  • It is linked to the heart chakra and can assist in opening up to love and joy.
  • It can help relieve anxiety and envious thoughts and bring clarity to life, leading to a brighter and happier existence.


  • Peridot is the birthstone of August, and its color is yellow-green.
  • It is the birthstone for both Leo and Virgo's zodiac signs.
  • It helps Virgos to let go of their discriminating nature and welcome love and understanding into their heart.
  • The gemstone is also known as the "evening emerald" because of its light green color.
  • It symbolizes strength and is a reminder of summer nights.


Peridot is a gemstone that is known for its vibrant green color and is often used in jewelry.we can wear this crystal in rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.


It is a popular gift for 16th wedding anniversaries, often given along with silver holloware. Its birthstone jewelry is usually made with gold or silver, which you'll find in the Lilia Nash collection of August birthstone jewelry.

Considering its rarity, beautiful color, and its universal appeal, it can be a perfect jewelry gift for her, a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, Valentine’s gift, or a gift for mom or friend.

we can wear this crystal in rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

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  • It is stable to light but can be damaged by sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and acid perspiration.
  • Warm, soapy water is recommended for peridot, while ultrasonic and steam cleaners are not advised.
  • It is a solid and rigid gemstone with a high hardness level on the Mohs scale, so you can wear it daily without worrying about damaging it.
  • To cleanse a gemstone, one can put it under flowing water, like from a tap or a natural source such as a stream or waterfall.
  • Meditating with a peridot crystal cabochon or wearing jewelry can help you connect to the healing properties of peridot gemstone.
  • Other gemstones like rose quartz, citrine, pink opal, and blue topaz can be used to enhance the effects of peridot.


It has been rated 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Therefore, they may be less durable compared to many other gems. However, it is widely used in almost all types of jewelry.

The best peridot has a green color without any yellow or brown. Peridot stones weighing 10 carats or more have the finest color. Peridots that are brownish or yellowish-green are of lower quality. It is rare to find peridots that are pure green.

Hold a peridot up against the light to determine if it is accurate. If it splits the light into two beams, it's real. But if it only reflects one beam, it's likely a cheaper imitation or glass.