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The Meaning and Beauty of Harmony Balls Jewelry

by Subhansu Gour on Apr 19, 2023

The Meaning and Beauty of Harmony Balls Jewelry - Inspiring Jewellery


Harmony Balls, also referred to as Mexican Bola, chime pendant, or Angel Caller, are traditional pieces of jewelry that have been around for centuries. The jewelry piece features a hollow spherical pendant that contains a small metal ball, which creates a subtle chime sound when the pendant is worn and moves. 


A Harmony Ball is a type of necklace usually made of sterling silver with a small bell inside that makes a quiet noise when it moves. Some people call it an Angel Caller or Bola Necklace. It sounds like wind chimes in a gentle breeze.

The Harmony Ball was also traditionally given to pregnant women, who wear it as an amulet to protect their baby. Then, after birth, the soft and familiar tinkling sound of the bell would settle the newborn, helping them to sleep by recalling the gentle warmth and care of the womb.

They are also sometimes worn as a meditation aid or as a symbol of unity and harmony.

The harmony ball pendant is worn on a long necklace so that it rests over the bump of the expectant mother and protects both the baby and the mum. Today they are seen as a symbolic piece of jewellery to mark your pregnancy, much like a wedding band symbolizes the commitment of marriage.

The outside of the harmony necklace is composed of a brass sphere covered with silver or plated with fine gold. Inside, you'll find a brass grid with two microbeads acting as a xylophone. As the harmony ball moves, the beads dance around the grid, creating the crystal clear and musical sound of the Bola. 

The harmony ball necklace is also known by many other names, including the Bola necklace, Angel Caller, maternity necklace, or pregnancy necklace. It can be worn all day long, just like any other piece of jewellery. They are simple and chic, so they can be accessorized with any outfit or layered with other necklaces for a cascading effect.

Traditionally, the harmony ball was considered a protective amulet for both mother and baby. For this reason, the harmony ball necklace was worn from the very early stages of pregnancy. 


As much as the harmony ball or bola has been made in Mexican and Balinese cultures for many generations, what we refer to now as Harmony balls actually have their origin way back in Medieval times, designed originally by the ancient Druids of the Celts, the revered and feared community and religious leaders.

The bola is a jewel of Mexican origin, also called the harmony ball. It is a silver pendant that contains a small xylophone: the pregnant mother can wear it from the fourth month. In fact, at 20 weeks of life, the baby in the belly begins to perceive and recognize sounds: the mother's voice, the heartbeat, and external sounds.

Believe it or not, the harmony ball originated from the ancient Mayans. A deeply spiritual people, the harmony ball is connected to one of their legends called "Llamador de Angeles," or "Angel Caller." 

The Mayans believed that once upon a time, people lived with their guardian angel until, one day, they were separated. As the angels left, they gave each of their humans a small harmony ball. The chime of this ball would summon the protection of the guardian angel. 

In the Mayan culture, each harmony ball is deeply personal. Therefore, it should not be shared as it directly links to your unique guardian angel.

The Bola or harmony ball tradition is well known in Mexico but also well established in Bali. Either way, it's a beautiful tradition increasing in popularity here in Australia.


A Harmony Ball pendant makes a gentle bell sound, similar to a metal wind chime bumping gently in the summer afternoon breeze.

Harmony ball pregnancy necklace can have several benefits for expectant mothers. These include:

Relaxation: The melodious sound played by the harmony ball is relaxing and mesmerizing. It reminds the mother to take a moment during the day to slow down, breathe, and focus on the life growing inside her.

Interestingly, recent research has shown that even just 20 minutes of daily relaxation, using any relaxation technique can significantly reduce maternal stress.

As your baby starts to recognize the harmony ball's soft chime, they will move towards it as it moves. Using the daily ritual guide with your Bola pregnancy necklace, you can deepen your connection with your baby while they're in the womb. 

Calming baby: The sounds that babies hear in the womb often comfort them once they are born. Suppose you continue to wear your harmony ball necklace after your baby is born. In that case, the sound of the chain may continue to provide comfort and calm as a reminder of their time in the womb.


A harmony ball is a lovely piece of jewelry. It is a chime pendant, so when you move, it emits a soft audible chime that soothes the wearer. Inside the ball, it works like a tiny metal xylophone, with a little metal ball that bounces around to create soothing chimes.


A harmony ball necklace is one of the best pregnancy gifts. But the reality is not all harmony ball necklaces are created equal. So whether you're buying it for someone else or buying it for yourself, there are definitely some things you need to consider.

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To care for and clean a Harmony Ball pendant, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe the pendant clean.
  2. If dirt or grime is on the pendant, you can gently scrub it with warm soapy water with a soft-bristled brush, like a toothbrush.
  3. Rinse the pendant with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth.
  4. Store the pendant in a dry, cool place, away from sunlight and moisture.

It's important to avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your Harmony Ball pendant, as these can damage the pendant's surface or cause discoloration.