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"Ethiopian opal: A Gemstone as unique as you are."

by A MITRUKA on Apr 09, 2023

"Ethiopian opal: A Gemstone as unique as you are." - Inspiring Jewellery


 Ethiopian opal is a stunning gemstone known for its unique play of colors and mesmerizing appearance.


Ethiopian Opal stone is a newly found type of Opal from Ethiopia. People love it for its bright colors and eye-catching patterns.

Discovered in 1990, Ethiopian Opal was first commercially mined in 2008. It comes from Ethiopia's northern Welo (or Wello) District. A range of deposits in the area offers a range of opal types, including types found at Australia's Coober Pedy mines!

The primary sources of Ethiopian Opal are Australia and Ethiopia. 


  • Sometimes called "Welo Opals," these opals have translucent to transparent body colors with vivid play-of-color in various patterns. This unique type of Opal is rapidly trending with millennial brides-to-be due to its one-of-a-kind look and reasonable and affordable price.
  • Ethiopian Opal gemstone is said to intensify emotions and reveal the wearer's true nature. It is also thought to boost the will to live, protect against negativity, and help with karma. 
  • The benefit of Ethiopian Opal being hydrophane is that unlike many other types of Opal prone to drying out and crazing, Ethiopian Opal does not really suffer this particular issue.



Wearing opal jewelry is the best way to benefit from its healing powers. When the jewelry touches the skin, the Opal's vibrations can go directly to the parts of the body that need healing.

Opal is a stone with powerful healing properties and high vibrational energy. It can boost creativity, bring hope and balance, and attract good luck. It also has the power to regulate and balance emotions. Opal can be a lucky charm for the wearer and help them attract positive things into their life.

Physical Healing

  • This substance can help fight infections and lower body temperature. It also has benefits for improving eye health and promoting the growth of new skin cells.

Opal Stone is thought to have physical healing properties, such as improving overall health. In addition, it can assist in fighting infections, reducing fevers, and strengthening the immune system. Additionally, it may aid in reducing water retention.

Mental & Emotional Healing

  • It brings balance and harmony.
  • Known as a hope stone.

Opal is a gemstone that symbolizes hope and positive change. It supports overcoming emotional challenges, leading to emotional balance and unlocking your full potential without setbacks.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Can clear all the chakras.
  • Connected to higher communication.

Opal gemstones come in various colors that correspond to different chakras. In addition, opals have high vibrational energy that can clear blockages in the body, making them practical for chakra healing.

Opal is associated with higher communication and the spirit realm. It can enhance psychic abilities and aid in connecting with the angelic realm. Opal has a strong connection with water, making it practical to harness water energy and promote clarity and calmness.


Opal is the October birthstone and is associated with the zodiac signs of Libra and Scorpio. Librans value balance and teamwork and are known for their loving and committed nature, which aligns with Opal's energy. Scorpios, characterized by their bravery, determination, and loyalty, can also benefit from the beauty and grace of Opal.

The Greeks believed that Opal gave its owner the gift of prophecy. In Arabian folklore, it was said to have fallen from heaven in lightning flashes. In Oriental traditions, Opal was known as the "anchor of hope." Opal is considered a lucky gemstone and the birthstone for October.



Ethiopian jewelry is made using a variety of materials, including gold, silver, and various types of beads. Many of the beads used in Ethiopian jewelry are made from materials such as bone, horn, and amber, and are often hand-carved into intricate shapes and designs. Ethiopian Opal Rings, Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces are very popular among females of all ages.


Given its universal appeal, stunning color, and rarity, this gemstone can make an excellent gift for a loved one on various occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, or Valentine's Day, or as a thoughtful present for a friend or a mother.

Opal is the modern gift and best jewelry gift for her to celebrate your 34th wedding anniversary.


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To clean your Opal jewelry, avoid soaking it in water with soap, house cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, or steamers. Instead, gently clean solid Opals with a mild detergent and a soft toothbrush or cloth. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals. Wipe double and triplets with a damp cloth and mild detergent, but do not soak or immerse them.



Some opals from specific origins are high quality but more affordable than the famous Australian Ones.

To identify a good quality opal, look for a symmetrical cut. For example, if it's a cabochon, the dome should be well-rounded, which enhances the play of color and makes the stone look vibrant from most angles. On the other hand, if the cabochon is flat, it might be at risk of breakage, especially during a jewelry set.