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Discover the Beauty and Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstones

by A MITRUKA on Apr 07, 2023

Discover the Beauty and Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstones - Inspiring Jewellery


Blue sapphire is a breathtaking gemstone that has captivated people for centuries. With its stunning blue hues and brilliant sparkle, it's no wonder that blue sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones in the world.

Aside from its beauty, blue sapphire is also known for its many benefits. Its rich history can be traced back to ancient times when it was believed to have protective powers and was often worn by royalty.


Blue Sapphire crystal is an extraordinary gem that comes from a mineral called Corundum. The blue kind of Sapphire gets its color from tiny bits of titanium and iron in the stone.

Classical violet-blue sapphires traditionally came from the Kashmir region of India between the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The most amazing blue sapphires are found in Kashmir, India, and Sri Lanka. They have a unique blue color and a soft and smooth texture, making them the best sapphires you can find. 


Blue Sapphire is connected to the throat chakra and can help you express yourself better. If it's a deep blue sapphire, it can also activate the third eye chakra, which can help you understand how your thoughts and feelings affect you.

Besides sapphire jewellery, this beautiful blue gem is used in other unexpected ways. For example, Sapphire's durability creates watch crystals for several Swiss and Apple timepieces. It can also create scientific instruments, electronic wafers, and high-durability windows.


Healing with Sapphire

  • Creative expression
  • Intuition
  • Meditation
  • Luck
  • Optimism
  • Friendliness
  • Generosity
  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • Independence
  • Centering
  • Balance
  • Self-appreciation
  • Spiritual development

 Blue Sapphire, also called Neelam, is really helpful for problems related to the nervous system and can relieve tension and neurological disorders. It can also protect you from theft, accidents, and natural disasters like storms and fires. In Chakra theory, sapphires can help heal and open the third eye, giving you more insight.

The advantages of Sapphire include the following:

  • Excellent optical characteristics, UV to IR.
  • High wear and scratch resistance.
  • High operating temperature (1800°C)
  • Chemically inert.
  • High strength.
  • High electrical resistance.
  • High thermal conductivity.

 Benefits of wearing Neelam or Blue Sapphire gemstone:

1. Maintains leadership

2. Enhances farsightedness

 3. Makes Money

 4. It Makes efficient

 5. Gets fame very quickly in society

Sapphire supports spiritual strength and wisdom, helping to keep the ego in check and protect it from envy. In addition, Sapphire supports all forms of clairsentience and intuition.

Lighter blue sapphires also relate to the throat chakra and all forms of communication and expression. In addition, it has a calming and soothing energy. Melody says* sapphire is "one of those minerals implanted upon the Earth. 


Capricorn and Aquarius will wear this blue Sapphire or Neelam Gemstone. This gem shows outstanding positive results because Saturn is their Load or protector.

People born under Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius can wear Sapphire in astrology. Saturn is friendly with these zodiac signs, so wearing Sapphire can bring good luck to them. Apart from the people of Saturn's zodiac, like Aquarius and Capricorn, the people of Taurus are advised to wear Sapphire.

Blue sapphire jewelry is a timeless and stunning choice. From engagement rings to earrings, necklaces to bracelets, the many styles and settings available make it easy to find the perfect piece for any occasion. 


Due to its rarity, attractive color, and widespread popularity, this gemstone makes for an ideal present for all occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine's Day, or as a gift for mothers or friends.

Blue Sapphire is believed to bring good things like luck, loyalty, happiness, and love. It's strong and lasts long, making it great for engagement rings. It works well for people born under Capricorn and Aquarius because they are ruled by Lord Saturn.

Blue Sapphire is a beautiful, exotic, and rare gem that symbolizes a 65th wedding anniversary—a perfect jewelry gift for her on birthdays.

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To clean your sapphire jewellery, the best way is to use warm soapy water and a soft brush. Avoid soaking the stone; never use harsh detergents, alcohol, acetone, or paint thinner.

Other spiritual ways to cleanse and charge up your Sapphire stone include leaving it under the light of a full moon. Sapphire can also be smudged using your favorite spiritual smudging scent; something like Sage is an excellent choice for cleansing it to the core.

Here are some tips to take care of your jewelry:

  • Store each piece of jewelry in a separate pouch or envelope.
  • Check your jewelry regularly to make sure the stones are not loose.
  • Take off your jewelry when you wash your hands or take a bath. Please keep it safe so it doesn't accidentally go down the drain.
  • Don't wear your lovely jewelry while doing housework, gardening, or playing sports.



The most valuable blue sapphires have a velvety blue to violetish-blue color. They are medium to medium dark in tone. These sapphires are the most expensive per carat. Blue sapphires that are too light, too dark, or have a grayish tone are less valuable.

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